GPS Fleet Management System – A Key For Success

With the enormous growth seen in industries across the world, demand for effective transportation is on the upswing. If you want to stress on the term effective because transport is not only looked upon as a mere mean of pulling and delivering great but also a mean to raise your organization’s credibility and efficiency. Imagine a truck load of goods missing the deadline. Not only would you endure in losses for that specific shipping but also loose valuable credibility with your client. Most cargo company’s and manufacturers rely on cell phone communication and street maps to keep track of their vehicles. However, your driver, whatever the experience cannot predict the whole road network of a region. A map is useful but can become obsolete. Add to this the fact that you unable to keep track of your fleet’s progress yourself but are relying solely on your driver with valuable great.

This is where a visual management technology predict GPS or global positioning system comes in. Using highly efficient and dependable satellites, the receiver cannot just show your driver just how but also relay the position of the automobile to the satellite and back to you. This all happens using an extremely powerful microchip embedded into the system which can do the maths in milliseconds and keep a constant track of your vehicles. Features of a GPS system:

  • Real time monitoring of the vehicle
  • Ability to store the information for convenient use
  • Query facility to identify information for a place tracked on a map
  • All generic mapping attributes such as zoom in, zoom out, pan, full extent
  • Production of MIS reports for location tracking and speed evaluation
  • Customization of frequency of message passing
  • Fully workable solution

Primary Market Research technology emerged as a location based service  in developed countries because it requires a fully indexed road network, however with economical boom in developing nations, many private sector organizations. As a growing number of companies begin offering GPS based products to their customers, maintenance and operational expenses of GPS based fleet management systems are sure to come down. Advantages of GPS fleet management:

  • Increased driver productivity
  • Real-time dispatch tool
  • Decreased overtime
  • Reduced fuel expenses
  • Improved customer service
  • More accurate billing
  • Decreased driver speeding

GPS systems have been utilized as a one way channel previously. Main objective was navigation. A microchip installed on the system translates the signals and can find its location on a map installed in the apparatus. Using extra information like acceleration, the GPS system indicates the best possible path to get to the destination. The GPS fleet management program has a master device that receives information such as speed, position etc. From the satellite that is tracking the vehicle. This information is offered to you anytime permitting you to maintain an active track of your vehicles in addition to have historical data available for future investigation.